Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mobizen - Perfect Android Device Mirroring

I have been searching for android device mirroring softwares and found a perfect one, Mobizen.

Once you install the Mobizen app on your phone and PC you have a perfect screen mirror of your Android device. It puts up a real device artwork.

It works on WiFi and with USB debugging.
You can use your device screen or mouse for control.
Use Ctrl+trackpad for pinch zoom.
You can drag and drop files from your PC onto your device.
You can record video, take snap shot and use marker during your presentation.

In short the best android device mirroring tool for presentation.

1. Download Mobizen from The Google Play Store
2. Download(Windows/MAC) and install Mobizen PC to your desktop
3. Connect to your Android(through USB with )

Get start with Mobizen.