Sunday, July 27, 2014

Arun's book review - Xamarin Cross-platform Application by Jonathan Peppers

Last week I started to read an interesting book Xamarin Cross-platform Application by Jonathan Peppers.

Jonathan Peppers is a Xamarin MVP and the lead developer.

Jonathan Peppers primarily covered Android (Xamarin.Android) and iOS (Xamarin.iOS) development in this book.

Who should read this book?
If you are a C# or windows phone developer with a desire to develop iOS and Android application and become a cross platform developer.

  • You need a Mac computer (OS X 10.8)
  • C# knowledge
  • Of course motivation and desire to become a cross platform developer

What this book covers?
  • Environment setup for cross platform development
  • Basic concepts of each platform
  • Process to submit your app to stores
  • iOS and android development concepts
  • Code sharing technique and unit test
  • Xamarin component store and leverage native Java & Objective-C libraries
  • XamChat an instant messenger, using Azure Mobile Services for data storage and cross platform push notifications.

Few things I like most that have been covered in this book are design pattern (MVVM, DI and IoC) used for mobile applications development with example and different code sharing techniques with advantage and disadvantage.

What this book won’t provide?
Windows phone development
Details of iOS and Android development
Visual studio integration

In short this book gives a quick start for any one who wants to learn about Xamarin and become a Xamarin developer.


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